VST launches new official VST Alumni Facebook page

We’re excited to announce a further foray into the world of social media – this time to introduce our brand new Facebook page dedicated to our VST alumni!

It’s very important to us to keep in touch with our Alumni, and this is yet one more to do that. The page is open for comments, conversations, news updates and event announcements. Anyone can view it, but it will be primarily of interest to our Alumni. So we encourage you to visit and LIKE us – the more folks who do so and share the link, the more interesting and dynamic the page will become over time.

The VST Alumni Facebook page can be found at:

Stay tuned for other items of interest to be announced within the next day or two.

In the meantime we look forward to hosting our Alumni Reception this evening at 6 pm in the VST rotunda. Hope to see you there!

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