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Stephen Farris
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Harry O. Maier
Sallie McFague
Paula Sampson
Richard Topping
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Among VST’s greatest strengths is its stellar faculty. The tradition of excellent teaching and fine scholarship has long characterized the ethos of our school. The care which our professors take in the task of tending the education of each adult learner is notable. But perhaps most unique of all is the coherence which exists in such a diverse group of scholars. Offering themselves from a rich tapestry of research interests, denominational and faith backgrounds and theological perspectives, VST’s faculty work together as a scholarly and faith community, to throw themselves wholeheartedly into the project of loving God’s world. This love of God reflected in love of world expresses itself in:

• a historic and ongoing commitment to the life and history of indigenous persons, and our joint well-being and empowerment beyond the trauma of earlier colonizations; • innovative thinking around the theological implications of the environmental crisis; • research and care of radical inclusivity across the boundaries of gender, orientation, race, ethnicity, and differing abilities; • ground-breaking engagement with the challenges of the contemporary church and its social dislocation in rapidly changing urban landscapes; • fresh thinking and the experiential application of new modes of conversation, proclamation and self-expression in a world of rapidly changing messages and meanings; • continuing exploration of the roots of our traditions and their application in today’s academy, church and world.

With passion our faculty give themselves into the conversation of moving ever more deeply into living the meaning of a renewed world. With sight born from the imaginations of those who are committed to the life giving love which our faith traditions articulate, our faculty lay the table of learning for our school.

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