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Summer 2013 Timetable
Fall 2013 Timetable
Spring 2014 Timetable

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Course Outlines January Interterm 2014

ETH500 – Christian Ethics in the Marketplace
LS500 – Introduction to Christian Worship

Course Outlines Spring 2014

NT6/713 – Creating Jesus: The Historical Jesus in Scholarship, Film & Fiction
PT651/652 – Pastoral and Public Leadership Studio
DS521 – UCC Education, Culture, Identity and Ministry in a Postcolonial World
INT6/711 – Spirituality and Mission in Post-Christendom
HB6/712 – Deuteronomistic History
SAH-TH6/750 – Reformed Theology of the 19th and 20th Centuries
SAH-HIS6/740 – Reformation History
PT551 – Pastoral Identity and Practice
NT501 – Paul
NT6/740 – John
DS601 – Anglican Mission and Ministry
DS525 – UCC Polity and Governance
DS510 – Practical Presbyterian Polity
DS501 – Anglican Liturgy
ED500 – Education and Pastoral Leadership in Intercultural Contexts
IPT5/712 – Sacred Texts
DS624 – “The End of Faith” – Theology and Doctrine In the United Church of Canada

Course Outlines Fall 2013

NT500 – Synoptic Gospels
HIS500 – Christianity and Judaism in Greco-Roman Antiquity
TH/ETH6/714 – Ecologies and Theologies: Belief and Action in Context
DS523 – United Church of Canada History and Ethos
SAH-TH500 – Introduction to Christian Theology
CPE – Clinical Pastoral Education – Vancouver General Hospital
HB6/713 – Genesis and Biblical Narrative
BIBL500 – Biblical Language Tools
PT651/652 – Pastoral and Public Leadership Studio
HB500 – Introduction to Hebrew Bible I
SP/TH6/714 – The Theology and Spirituality of Hospitality
IPI/PT501 – The Truth and Reconciliation Commission: Learning to Walk Together
HOM500 – Homiletics
DS500 – Anglican Ethos and Polity
DS515 – PCC Creeds and Confessions
PT500 – Theological and Spiritual Foundations in Pastoral and Public Leadership
PT610 – Pastoral and Public Leadership: Integration and Formation
HIS600 – Canadian and North American History
IPI/INT500/800 – Research Methodologies


Past Courses

Course Outlines Fall 2012

SAH-TH500 – Constructive Theology I
SAH-TH810 – A Secular Age
DS610 – PCC Denominational Studies
HB500 – Introduction to the Hebrew Bible I
PT/HB6/712 – Social Justice: Prophet and Reformer
IPS/LS6/700 – Sacraments and Ceremonies: Rituals, Liturgy and the Sacred
SP/TH5/712 – Theology and the Practice of Prayer
Clinical Pastoral Education – Vancouver General Hospital
Clinical Pastoral Education – Providence Health Care
NT500 – Synoptics
IPT/C6/711 – Gender and Religious Literature
BIBL500 – Biblical Language Tools for Exegesis
ISI5/700 – IIS Integrating Seminar
PT500 – Theological and Spiritual Foundations in Public and Pastoral Leadership
PT610 – PPL: Integration and Formation

Course Outlines January Interterm 2013

PT612 – Emotional Intelligence
DS624 – UCC Theology and Doctrine

Course Outlines Spring 2013

• NT501 – Paul
• NT6/740 – John
• PT/SP6/713 – The Spirituality of Healing Across Christian Traditions
• LS500 – Introduction to Christian Worship
• HIS500 – Judaism and Christianity in Antiquity
• DS580T – Canadian Presbyterian Church History
• HB611 – Prophecy in Ancient Israel
• HB600 – Introduction to Hebrew Bible II
• SAH-HIS/TH6/760 – Christianity and Culture: Barth & the Rise of National Socialism
TH572 – Foundational Traditions in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
PT551 – Pastoral Identity and Practice
SAH-DS510 – PCC Creeds and Confessions
SAH-HIS6/740 – Reformation History
PT519E – Bridges and Barriers to Graceful Leadership in New Times
IPS/SP500 – Spiritual Formation in Communities
DS522T – UCC Worship and Music

Course Outlines Summer 2013

PT517E – Thinking Bowen Family Systems
IPS5/710 – Rumi: The Prophet of Love
SP5/718 – Thomas Merton and Henri Nouwen: Architects of Spiritual Wisdom
IPC5/711 – Reconciliation in Buddhist Teachings
SP521 – Spiritual Retreat: Discovering Ignatian Spirituality
TH511 – Gender Injustice and Reconciliation
PT/BIBL5/710 – Biblical Prophecy and Perspectives for Contemporary Ministry
ED/HB510 – For Fun and Prophet
TH5/717 – On Soil and Salvation: Reconciliation and the Land
TH512 – Reconciliation: Becoming a New Creation
HOM5/713 – Preaching in the Age of the Spirit

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