Previous Years’ Course Outlines

Course Outlines Fall 2009

BIBL500 – Biblical Language Tools for Exegesis (13kb pdf file)
DS523 – UCC Denom Studies: History and Ethos (10kb pdf file)
DS525 – UCC Denom Studies: Polity and Governance (12kb pdf file)
DS610 – Presbyterian Denominational Studies II (9kb pdf file)
DS624 – UCC Denom. Studies: Theology and Doctrine (50kb pdf file)
ETH500 – Christian Ethics (7kb pdf file)
HB500 – Introduction to Hebrew Bible I (16kb pdf file)
HB6/714 – Social Worlds of Ancient Israel (19kb pdf file)
HIS500 – Christianity and Judaism in Early Antiquity (76kb pdf file)
HIS6/740 – Reformation History (93kb pdf file)
HIS/TH/HB6/715 – Gender and Rabbinic Literature (186kb pdf file)
HOM500 – Introduction to Preaching (11kb pdf file)
INT500 – Research Methodologies and Theological Disciplines (18kb pdf file)
LS500 – Introduction to Christian Worship (73kb pdf file)
NT 500 – Synoptics (69kb pdf file)
NT 6/711 – Jesus Against the Backdrop of the Roman Empire (58kb pdf file)
PT5/715 – Globalization, Global Cities, and the Global Commons (29kb pdf file)
SP671 – Skilled Listener (12kb pdf file)
SP/ETH/TH5/716 – Spiritual Practice for a Just and Sustainable Planet (17kb pdf file)
TH550: Modern and Postmodern Theologies (27kb pdf file)

Course Outlines Spring 2010

DS510 – Presbyterian Denominational Studies (9kb pdf file)
HB600 – Introduction to Hebrew Bible (17kb pdf file)
HB611 – Prophecy in Ancient Israel (18kb pdf file)
HIS650 – The Anglican Tradition (70kb pdf file)
HOM6/712 – Rhetoric in the Public Square (22kb pdf file)
NT501 – Paul (80kb pdf file)
NT640 – John (77kb pdf file)
PT/ED5/712 – Ageing Well and the End of Life (k10b pdf file)
PT600 – Education and Pastoral Ministry in Intercultural Contexts (24kb pdf file)
PT601 – Public and Pastoral Leadership: Immersion in a 21st Century Inner-city/ Global City Context (23kb pdf file)
SP/ETH511 – Spirituality and Ethics of Place: Aboriginal Wisdom, Life, and Land (17kb pdf file)
SP515 – Worship and Spirituality in the Anglican Tradition (58kb pdf file)
TH500 – Constructive Theology I (145kb pdf file)
TH571: Foundational Traditions in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam (52kb pdf file)
TH600: Christology (23kb pdf file)
TH6/750 – Reformed Theology of the 19th and 20th Centuries(2) (154kb pdf file)
TH800 – Spirit: Religion “after” Metaphysics (26kb pdf file)

Course Outlines Fall 2010

HIS6/740 – Reformation History, Richard Topping (133kb pdf file)
TH5/750 – Modern/Postmodern Theologies, Sharon Betcher (27kb pdf file)
PT651 Studio I – Public and Pastoral Leadership: Studio I, Keith Howard (47kb pdf file)
TH/SP5/712 – Theology and Practice of Prayer, Richard Topping (142kb pdf file)
DS610 – Presbyterian Denominational Studies, Worship, History, Creeds/Confessions, Glen Davis (10kb pdf file)
DS521 – The United Church Formation: Postcolonial Intercultural Ministry, Rev. Dr. HyeRan Kim-Cragg (32kb pdf file)
DS 523 – History and Ethos of The United Church of Canada, Brian Thorpe (23kb pdf file)
NT500 – SYNOPTIC GOSPELS, Harry Maier (70kb pdf file)
PT500 – Introduction to Pastoral and Public Leadership: Spiritual and Theological Foundations , Janet Gear (15kb pdf file)
IPT/C5/710 – Wrestling with Sacred Texts in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, Robert Daum (12kb pdf file)
IPT/S5/710 – Opening “the Hurt Locker”: Religious and Spiritual Pedagogies for Pain , Sharon Betcher (46kb pdf file)
HB500 – Introduction to Hebrew Bible I, Patricia Dutcher-Walls (20kb pdf file)
HIS500 – Christianity and Judaism in Greco-Roman Antiquity, Harry Maier (67kb pdf file)
BIBL500 – Biblical Language Tools for Exegesis (13kb pdf file)
TH652 – Church and Ministry in the Anglican Tradition Reading List, Wendy Fletcher (7kb pdf file)
NT6/742 – Luke the Storyteller, Stephen Farris (25kb pdf file)
HOM500 – Introduction to Preaching, Stephen Farris (30kb pdf file)

Course Outlines January Intertem 2011

PT612 – Emotional Intelligence and Human Relations Training, Roy Oswald (8kb pdf file)
LS 500 – Introduction to Christian Worship, Paula Sampson (8kb pdf file)

Course Outlines Spring 2011

PT652 Studio II -Public and Pastoral Leadership – Studio II, Keith Howard (47kb pdf file)
United Church Denominational Studies Workshops (10kb pdf file)
TH600 – Constructive Theology II: Christology, Sharon Betcher (23kb pdf file)
PT/HB612- SOCIAL JUSTICE: PROPHET AND REFORMER, Patricia Dutcher-Walls (25kb pdf file)
HB600 – Introduction to Hebrew Bible II, Patricia Dutcher-Walls (25kb pdf file)
SP/TH 5/722 – Spirit and/as Mindfulness Practice, Sharon Betcher (33kb pdf file)
TH500 (TH100) – Constructive Theology 1, Richard Topping – Spring 2011 (138kb pdf file)
IPH/C810 – Resisters, Accommodators, Negotiators, Robert Daum and Harry Maier (14kb pdf file)
DS510 – Denominational Studies, Glen Davis (10kb pdf file)
PT551 – Pastoral Identity and Practice, Dale Johnson (10kb pdf file)
DS522 – Patterns of Praise, Bruce Harding (13kb pdf file)
LS600 – Sacramental Theology in Culture and Context, Paula Sampson (7kb pdf file)
NT501 – Paul, Harry Maier, Spring 2011 (75kb pdf file)
NT640 – John, Harry Maier, Spring 2011 (73kb pdf file)
SP/ED513 – Education and Spirituality, Roberta Clare (30kb pdf file)
HOM6/711 – From Model to Sermon, Stephen Farris, Spring 2011 (16kb pdf file)
DS624 “Thinking the Faith”- Theology and Doctrine in the United Church of Canada. Janet Gear (11kb pdf file)
DS525 “Practicing the Faith”: Polity and Governance in the United Church of Canada. Janet Gear (11kb pdf file)
HIS/PT 415/615: Re Mapping Social Christianity: An Exploration of Contemporary Mainline Religion, Wendy Fletcher (25kb pdf file)

Course Outlines Summer 2011

TH5/752 – Process Theologies
ETH5/713 – Eco-Justice and the Moral Economy
SP519 – The Way of the Icon
PT518 – Food: As if Faith MattersCANCELLED
IPC5/710 – Faith and Modernity: Islam in a Secular Age
PT5/717 – Leadership for JusticeCANCELLED
IPI500 – Accountability, Reparations and ReconciliationCANCELLED
HB5/740 – Job: God in Suffering
HOM5/711 – Preaching the Parables
TH-SP5-711 – Living JazzCANCELLED
TH-SP113 TH-SP5-713 – Masters of the Soul and Cosmos

Course Outlines Summer 2012

SP517 – Benedictine Retreat
PT514 – Leading Congregations Through Change (week 1)
NT5/710 – Women breaking Boundaries (week 1)
PT/TH5/710 – Turning Towards the World (week 1)
PT115 – The Dance: Leadership and Context (week 2)
IPT5/710 – Other Worlds (week 2)
SP/TH5/713 – Leading Faithfully in a Fragmented World (week 2)
PT5/711 – Building Communities of Care (week 2)
Hom5/712 – The Poetics of Preaching

Course Outlines Fall 2011

TH500 – Constructive Theology I
DS610 – Worship, Polity, Creeds/Confessions
HIS6/740 – Reformation History
DS624 – UCC Theology and Doctrine
PT500 – Pastoral and Public Leadership
SP/HB6/743 – Psalms
HIS500 – Christianity and Judaism in Greco-Roman Antiquity
NT500 – Synoptic Gospels
NT640 – John
HE500 – HB Intro
HIS600 – Canadian History
HIS6/750 – Anglican History, Theology and Spirituality
PT651/652 – Leadership Studio
SP/HB6/743 – Psalms in Proclamation, Praise and Prayer
HOM 500 – Introduction to Preaching
BIBL500 – Biblical Language Tools for Exegesis
DS501 – Anglican Liturgy
DS500 – Anglican Polity

Course Outlines January Interterm 2012

TH6/750 – Reformed Theology
SP/ETH511 – Spirituality and Ethics

Course Outlines Spring 2012

HOM614 – Witness of the Preacher
IPT/C5/710 – Sacred Texts in a Multireligious Society
PT551 – Pastoral Identity and Practice
SP/ETH/TH6/713 – Spirituality for the Planet
PT/ED5/714 – Educational & Pastoral Leadership
TH653/INT800 – Interpretation and Imagination in ‘Postliberal’ Theology
NT501 – Paul
HB600 – Intro
DS525 – UCC Polity
PT651/652 – Leadership Studio
LS500 – Introduction to Christian Worship
HB600 – Introduction to Hebrew Bible II
HB6/714 – Social World of Ancient Israel
PT613 – Parish Leadership Inside and Out
DS510 – Practical Presbyterian Governance
DS521 – UCC Education and Worship: Intercultural Ministry
DS601 – Anglican Mission & Ministry
DS523 – UCC History and Ethos

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