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Vancouver School of Theology is at significant turning point! We stand at the verge of an influential future, but also at a moment of great challenge.

By considering a donation you have the opportunity to act as a catalyst in the life of VST.
We trust that the vision for our school will inspire you to make a generous gift that will help strengthen VST as a leading theological school in our journey of faith at the beginning of the third millennium. As we articulate new ways of what defines who we are and what we are doing, it’s important that our supporters understand that our work here has value for the world in which we live. Our world is a space where faith intersects a tough and changing culture, with rapidly declining institutional church attendance yet a growing thirst for spiritual meaning. In this context, the approach at VST is to prepare leaders who must be deeply rooted in their own tradition yet challenged to engage questions for which we do not yet know the answers.

VST’s reputation has always been as a theological school that accepts the challenges raised by the current and difficult questions of the day. Over many decades this has sometimes generated criticism. However, it has also created an opportunity to influence. Often questions first asked on the west coast have spread across the continent with answers and understandings which were first explored here. This is a great benefit to our students and graduates—they are being prepared to serve in the world that is coming, not the world that has passed away! Being nurtured in this environment creates a dynamic tension that will manifest throughout a graduate’s whole life. Our graduates receive the gift of being able to live where mystery and ambiguity lead to faith and increased capacity for ministry. As uncomfortable as it might be, the Gospel is not simplistic. It belongs out there in the world God loves, a world that is more dynamic and diverse than ever imagined in the 19th and 20th centuries. VST has not and will not abandon our traditions, liturgies, or foundational beliefs, but we seek to understand these truths in light of the sometimes hostile, sometime indifferent but always complicated world we now live in. We do this because we know God loves the world we live in and we are called to do the same.

Quite possibly the most important question of our time is “How can humanity live together in generosity and mutual respect in our ever-smaller, pluralistic, multi-faith world?” At VST we intend, with your help, to explore this all important question with a view to replacing fear with a new understanding and a new hope.

Something significant is happening at VST.

Vancouver School of Theology is the first school to bring diverse cultures and faiths into one academic tent. We do this from a deep confidence in the faith and traditions of the United, Anglican and Presbyterian Churches. We believe God wants to bring people together and we are not afraid to risk trying to make that a reality. Jesus did not put people in boxes, and we will not do so either. We must learn how to listen to each other and then share that learning with the world. We must struggle through fear and uncertainty of the ‘other’, come to a place of compassion and be a model of grace and love. VST is positioning itself to participate in the 21st Century conversation about being human and about bridging and healing the great divides between cultures and faith traditions. Our intention is to prepare men and women for ministry ahead of the curve. They must be disciplined and competent to minister to and witness their faith in a pluralistic world. The church needs this generation of leaders to be clear, reflective, confident and able to navigate our modern, diverse cultural landscape.

God is doing incredible things in our midst!

Our Board of Governors is committed to this vision. Our capable faculty are engaged and ready to chart the course. Today’s students are looking for a 21st C vision for ministry leadership.

Will you step forward and join us through your generous financial support?

Together we can renew VST to a solid financial position to provide the framework and platform upon which we can lead with confidence.