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CIS 1971

1971 Steering Committee, Indian Ecumenical ConferenceStanding: Albert Lightning, Joe Makinaw, Chris Cromarty, Ian MacKenzie,Larry Thompson, Wilfred Pelletier, Andrew Ahenkew, Stuart Etsitty, Clifton HillSitting: Aubray Purley, Ernie Willie, Ernest Tatoosis, Robert K. Thomas,Andrew Dreadfulwater, Alex Bonais (missing from photo: Br. John Hascall) ---------> /main/files/cis001.jpg

The Centre for Indian Scholars is a Native educational and religious institution designed to develop native reflection and scholarship by North American First Nations peoples about their aboriginal, religious, cultural and social heritage.

The need for such a Centre originates in the concerns of native elders and religious leaders who attended the Indian Ecumenical Conference in 1971.

These religious leaders, traditional and Christian First Nation/Native Americans, called for an institution which makes possible the strengthening and sharing of Native religious thought and theology among all the Native peoples of North America.

CIS has tax deductible status as a charitable institution in Canada. Individuals or corporations who wish to make donations to CIS should send their contribution to:
Jim White, Secretary Treasurer, Centre for Indian Scholars, 6000 Iona Drive, Vancouver, BC, V6T 1L4, or donate online through Canada Helps www.canadahelps.org.

More information is available at www.centreindianscholars.com.

Contact: Dorothy Smith
Phone: 604-827-3447
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