Relationships to Other Institutions

Implementation and growth of the Native Ministries Program is enhanced by relationships with various other institutions engaged in Native ministries:

Henry Budd College for Ministry, The Pas, MB, is the Anglican Diocese of Brandon’s theological education centre and the base of studies for students from northern Manitoba.

Centre for Indian Scholars is a native educational and religious institution designed to develop native reflection and scholarship by North American First Nations peoples about their aboriginal, religious, cultural and social heritage.

Yuu-hadaax is a partnership between Centre for Indian Scholars, Native Ministries Consortium, Wilp Wilxo’oskwhl Nisga’a and Vancouver School of Theology, who have agreed to work together for the realization of common goals and aspirations to develop a Centre and programs in Native American religions, spiritualities and cultures.

Wilp Wilxo’oskwhl Nisga’a, New Aiyansh, BC, is the post-secondary degree-granting institution of the Nisga’a First Nation.

Niobrara School for Ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of South Dakota, is part of their Dakota Leadership Program.

Cook Native American Ministries, Tempe, AZ (formerly Charles Cook Theological School), has been the leading North American institution for training for Native ministry since 1960. CNAM has been a key mentor for both the Native Ministries Program and the Native Ministries Consortium.

Te Rau Kahikatea (Maori College) and St. John’s College, Auckland NA are in conversation with NMP regarding joint ventures and summer school exchanges.

TEE College of South Africa, is an ecumenical centre which cooperates with NMP in the sharing of TEE materials. The original biblical foundation course was based on their materials.

The David Salmon School of Ministry, Diocese of Alaska, provides for lay and clergy opportunities in pastoral, educational and practical skills development. Father David Salmon of Chalkyitsi is the first Gwich’in Episcopalian Priest, ordained October 6, 1962.

The Father Paul Mather School of Ministry, provides courses for laypersons, clergy and VST M.Div. students for the South East Deanery of the Diocese of Alaska. The school describes itself as a network of learning and a school without walls as it makes innovative use of technology and teleconferencing for course delivery. Paul Mather was the first Tsimshian Episcopal Priest in Alaska.

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