Statement of Commitment, July 2006

"All My Relations" Blessing

July 12, 2006

The Native Ministries Consortium, founded in 1985, marks twenty-one years of partnership with a pledge to continue shaping the terms of our relationship.

It is appropriate that we make this commitment today as we raise the “All My Relations” pole at Vancouver School of Theology. For North Coast First Nations people, a totem pole symbolized history, identity and governance. For the Native Ministries Consortium, this pole symbolizes our mutual determination to carry on and strengthen the heritage of co-operation and co-existence which has affected both First Nations Christians and theological education for the past two decades.

"All My Relations" Blessing

We ask those present to witness the pole raising to see also the Consortium partners’ commitment to define clearly the nature of this unique, intercultural and international partnership and to live into it with integrity. Specific areas of focus include consultation, accountability, sustainability, inclusion and the sharing of power, authority and voice. In all our efforts, we will honour and give priority to the diversity of First Nations cultural practices.

We thank all who have honoured our invitation to be present today and witness this pledge.

We thank our Creator, who gives us generosity of spirit and hospitality of place.

Signed by:

Lily Bell (Anglican First Nations Council, Diocese of Caledonia)
Cecil Corbett (Cook Theological College)
Mark MacDonald (Diocese of Alaska)
Verna Jebb (Henry Budd College)
Doug Goodwin (Native Council, BC Conference, United Church)
Wendy Fletcher (Vancouver School of Theology)

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