Native Ministries Consortium Covenant, July 2007

Native Ministries Consortium Covenant

This covenant is among the following partners:

  • The Indigenous Theological Training Institute of North America, Inc.
  • The Episcopal Church in Navajoland
  • The Episcopal Diocese of Alaska
  • Cook School for Christian Leadership
  • The Native Ministry Council, B. C. Conference
  • The Anglican First Nations Council of Caledonia
  • Vancouver School of Theology
  • Henry Budd College for Ministry

Declaration of Principles:

We affirm our openness to the experience of First Nations and indigenous peoples in North America and around the Pacific Rim. We include diverse philosophies, spiritual values and patterns of life. In all our efforts, we honor these diverse communities and give priority to First Nations cultural practices as our norm. We commit ourselves to become an anti-racist organization. We commit ourselves to work together in ways in which we are mutually accountable.

We affirm the expression of our common goals and experiences described in

  • The Native Ministries Consortium mission statement
  • The Yuu-hadaax statement of relationship
  • The Native Ministries Consortium Commitment signed on 12 July 2006


  • The Vancouver School of Theology shares its authority to develop programs with and for First Nations communities with partners in the Native Ministries Consortium.
  • The partners relate to each other with integrity and accountability.
  • Vancouver School of Theology encourages a strong voice from First Nations people in all levels of decision-making at the school.
  • The other partners in the Native Ministries Consortium engage in ongoing and consistent dialogue with the Vancouver School of Theology.

The People of the Land experience North America as a place of abundance with enough for those who approach the earth relationally. This experience of abundance is a hallmark of this partnership.

Members of the Native Ministries Consortium commit to work together to provide the financial means to sustain this mutual commitment through:

  • Joint fund raising efforts and consistent record keeping.
  • Institutional contributions to this shared work.

Members of the Consortium are held in this covenant and accountable to details and specific agreements and responsibilities within the current and attached Memorandum of Understanding to be revisited and re-evaluated every two years.

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