The Man Who Gave Back: The Rule of Life of H.R. MacMillan

Written by the Rev. Dr. Robert D MacRae, this biography chronicles the remarkable life story of H.R. MacMillan, a renowned Canadian philanthropist and BC’s greatest forester.

The spiritual foundation of Mr. MacMillan’s generosity and accomplishments is the book’s principal theme. From a boyhood on a pioneering farm, Dr. MacMillan rose to pinnacles of Canadian industry and society in British Columbia. The author’s blend of history, anecdote, interview and archive make this epic biography even more compelling.

During his lifetime, Mr. MacMillan donated over 100 million dollars to a variety of educational and religious causes in B.C. including generous gifts and endowments to Vancouver School of Theology.

The book’s focus on the spirit of giving and on the responses from those who received MacMillan’s gifts is especially engaging. The author would suggest that the responses from heads of institutions directly affected generosity. The gifts grew or declined in quantity and value in a direct relationship to courtesy and appreciation. Mr. MacMillan’s motivations for giving, the impact of his generous commitment upon other benefactors, and how his philanthropy might encourage others to give, makes fascinating reading. The book offers valuable insight into effective fund raising as witnessed by the responses of the “Father of BC Philanthropy.”

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