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The education which weaves the story of a life comes over time. In fact it comes, one might say, in its own time. Each of us learns constantly, and yet each of us in our own rythmn and in our own way. The two companion summer schools which are held at VST each July, the Chalmers Summer School and the Native Ministries Consortium Summer School open a unique space for the life-long conversation of learning.

In the humane pace of summer, a variety of courses, speakers, and encounters are offered in a cross-cultural context which provide, in a sense, a moment out of ordinary time for the project of becoming which is uniquely our own. To open the cover on the summer experience at VST is to walk on ground of the sacred in a very particular way. The synergy of diversity: theological, ethnic, educational and personal creates a dynamism which has the prospect of changing one, of changing us. It is a learning and spiritual adventure for the curious, the seeker, the disciple, the elder, the one who despairs and the one who would find hope. Summer is waiting; come journey with us.

VST Summer School

Each year VST offers a Summer School which brings together religious leaders and teachers to offer both degree and continuing education programs in a wide variety of disciplines. During two weeks in July, the faith, knowledge, skills and insights of instructors from Asian, European and North American seminaries, universities and other institutions enliven the campus.

Participants come from around the world, some seeking degree credit, others pursuing areas of personal interest. The fabric of the summer school is woven from several strands: biblical studies, historical and theological studies, worship and preaching, congregational ministry and development, spirituality, and inter-religious studies.

Over the many years we have been grateful for the continued support of continuing education programming at VST through the Chalmers Endowment.

Vancouver School of Theology will be spending the summer months moving its operations to St. Andrew’s Hall while its new main building is being constructed. As such, its regular slate of Summer School courses will not be offered this summer.

VST is pleased to continue its decades-long co-sponsorship with the Thomas Merton Society of Canada to hold it’s annual Merton Lecture and Retreat:

Wisdom-Sophia in the Life and Theology of Thomas Merton.

NMC Summer School

The Native Ministries Consortium Summer School is offered annually during two weeks in July. This is an opportunity for students who are often isolated from one another to gather, learn and worship together. It is also an opportunity for intensive course work for students in the Native Ministries Program. The Summer School serves people from a wide variety of educational backgrounds, with an international and largely Aboriginal faculty.

NMC Summer School: July 7 – 18, 2014

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