Degree Programs

Educational Effectiveness
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Information Literacy Workshops

Certificate and Diplomas
Certificate in Theological Studies
Diploma in Theological Studies
Diploma in Denominational Studies
Diploma in Presbyterian Denominational Studies

Basic Degrees
Master of Divinity
Master of Divinity (Honours)
Master of Divinity by Extension
(Native Ministries)

Master of Arts in Public and Pastoral Leadership
MA PPL in Spiritual Care
Master of Arts in Theological Studies

Advanced Degrees
Graduate Diploma in Theological Studies
Master of Theology (Th.M)

Indigenous and Inter-Religious Studies
Master of Arts (M.A.)

Research and Teaching
Affiliates & Associates


Our Theological Commitments

In our diversity and with humility we affirm that…

• God loves the world.
• God’s love is realized among us in mercy, compassion, and justice.
• We realize our humanity through participating with God in labouring for a just and sustainable world.

Our Educational Objective

• To learn to love, intelligently and faithfully, the world God loves.

Our Curricular Goals

As interpreters in the context of diverse faith communities, in a religiously and culturally plural world, we seek…

• To provide a context for life long learning at the intersection of the religious and the secular.
• To deepen our capacity to engage God’s intentions for the world, through critical engagement with contemporary culture and the texts and traditions of the Christian faith.
• To prepare persons for learned leadership, in and for the church and world of the 21st century.

Features of the Curriculum

• An initial group of Core Courses that provide an opportunity to explore roots of Christian tradition and to reflect on Christian identity and vocation in contemporary contexts
• An opportunity to continue studies in theology, building upon the Core Courses to achieve completion in a diploma or degree program
• An opportunity to study theology in an inter-disciplinary context
• Small class size and high quality faculty who are committed to caring for the individual learning needs of students
• Flexibility in program design allowing students optimum adult education opportunities