Continuing Education Certificate in Theological Studies

Overview of Program

The Continuing Education Certificate in Theological Studies is a non-degree program for all who are interested in deepening their understanding of contemporary theological thought through active engagement with the topics and theological disciplines explored in VST workshops and courses. As academics credit is not offered, an undergraduate degree is not required for enrolment.

Length of Program

The Certificate is granted at VST’s Convocation ceremony to students who successfully complete 12 Units of study in any mix of disciplines. The Certificate program is generally undertaken part-time, although the program can be completed full-time in one term of study. All course work must be completed within 8 years of beginning in the Certificate program.


All interested learners are invited to consider study in VST’s Certificate program.

Persons interested in pursuing a Certificate in Theological Studies should submit the following to the Admissions Office:
1.Certificate Application Form and $25 application fee
2.One letter of reference attesting to readiness for study

Application into the Certificate in Theological Studies can take place at any time throughout the year, as long as both the application form and reference letter are received no later than the student’s actual registration into a specific course.
Application and reference forms are available here (provide the link) or from the Admissions office at
Admission is confirmed through the Registrar.

Course Requirements for the Certificate in Theological Studies

The Certificate in Theological Studies is based on Units of study, rather than Credit hours. One (1) Unit is equal to approximately 10 hours of teaching time. Certificate Units can be completed through weekend workshops (1 Unit); January Interterm and Summer School intensives (1.5 or 3 Units, depending on length); and 12-week Fall and Spring term courses (3 Units).
Certificate courses are taught by VST faculty and visiting scholars from around the world, and most are courses in which Diploma and Degree students are also participating. Some restrictions may apply as to which courses may be taken for the Certificate program. Normally, courses numbered in the 100’s or 500’s can be taken to fulfill one or more Units in the Certificate program.

Please note: Certificate Units may not be transferred into VST’s Diploma or Degree programs.

Certificate course work expectations:

• All reading as assigned by instructor
• Class participation and group work
• 3-4 pages of writing per Unit (i.e. a 1 Unit workshop requires 3-4 pages of writing; a 1.5 Unit intensive requires 5-7 pages; a 3 Unit course requires 9-12 pages)

Written assignments should:

• Demonstrate the ability to thoughtfully engage the material and reading for the class
• Give a personal reflection on the reading and material covered

Certificate Units will be evaluated on an Approved (APP) /Not Approved (NAPP) system. No letter grades will be given for the completion of Certificate Units.

If you would like additional information, please use our Request for Information form.

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