Diploma in Theological Studies

Overview of Program

The Diploma in Theological Studies (formerly the Diploma in Christian Studies) is a general program that is designed to provide theological enrichment and a solid base for lay ministry. Diploma seekers may use their study time as a retreat, taking time away from busy lives to seek further spiritual development. Others may choose to continue their studies and to pursue a Master’s degree, having received substantial grounding in theological education.

Length of Program

This is a 24-credit hour program. The Diploma may be completed in two full-time terms, with an average workload of 40 hours per week. The Diploma may be taken part time over three years but must be completed by the end of the third year. In our experience, it is difficult for full-time students employed more than 10 hours a week to complete the Diploma program successfully in one year.


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Course Requirements for the Diploma in Theological Studies

Any 5 of the Core Courses:

• HB500 – Introduction to Hebrew Bible I (3 credits)
• HB600 – Introduction to Hebrew Bible II (3)
• HIS500 – Christianity and Judaism in Late Antiquity (3)
• NT500 – Synoptics (3)
• NT501 – Paul (3)
• TH500 – Constructive Theology I (3)
• LS500 – Introduction to Christian Worship (3)
• PT500 – Introduction to Public and Pastoral Leadership (3)


9 credit hours of elective courses (may be taken from among the above courses, or through other courses for which the student has the prerequisites)

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