Diploma in Presbyterian Denominational Studies

Overview of Program

The Diploma in Presbyterian Denominational Studies is designed for students who have completed a Master of Divinity elsewhere, but are required by the Presbyterian Church in Canada to complete three semesters of study (normally 45 credits at VST) in a PCC-sponsored School before pursuing Ordination for PCC ministry. For students completing their M.Div at Regent College, also on the UBC campus, certain courses below can be taken used towards both degree programs. The details of such a program need to worked out in close conversation with both the Regent and VST Registrars.

Length of Program

This is a 45-credit hour program and can be completed in one and a half years of study.

Course Requirements for the Diploma in Presbyterian Denominational Studies

Required Courses:

• DS510 – Presbyterian Denominational Studies I (3)
• DS610 – Presbyterian Denominational Studies III (3)
• HIS600 – Canadian History Seminar (3)
• HIS640 – History of the Reformation (3)
• PT601 – Public/Pastoral Leadership: Immersion in Context (3)
• PT610 – Public/Pastoral Leadership: Integration and Formation (3)
• Major Exegetical Paper
• One Year Field Placement

Courses Taught by Presbyterian Instructors:

• At least 9 credit hours of coursework with Presbyterian Instructors at VST (Rev. Dr. Patricia Dutcher-Walls; Rev. Dr. Stephen Farris; Rev. Dr. Glen Davis; Rev. Dr. Roberta Clare; Rev. Dr. Richard Topping)


• 18 credit hours of additional course work at VST
• Involvement in Presbyterian worship and community life at VST is also a requirement of this program.

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