Master of Divinity Degree Program (M.Div.)

Overview of Program The Master of Divinity degree program is for those seeking an academic program with practical applications within which to explore the depth of their faith and prepare for a variety of public and pastoral ministries. VST’s Master of Divinity program is accepted for ordination by the Anglican, United and Presbyterian denominations in Canada and by the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America. Many other denominations accept all or part of this degree program, though some require at least a year in their denominational schools. Students should check with their denomination for specific ordination requirements.

Length of Program

This 90-credit hour degree may be completed in three years of full-time study or it may be completed on a part-time basis. There is a limit of seven years from the date of initial enrollment to the completion of this degree.

Transfer Credit

VST has a relationship with UBC’s Classical, Near Eastern and Religious Studies (CNRS) Department that allows VST students to take graduate courses offered by that department as electives. For a course listing and detailed descriptions, please see the CNRS Department website ( Students are also welcome to take advantage of course offerings at Regent College. Please see their websites ( for more details.


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Course Requirements for the Master of Divinity Degree

Foundational Core:

• HB500 – Introduction to Hebrew Bible I (3 credits)
• HB600 – Introduction to Hebrew Bible II (3)
• HIS500 – Christianity and Judaism in Late Antiquity (3)
• LS500 – Introduction to Christian Worship (3)
• NT500 – Synoptics (3)
• NT501 – Paul (3)
• PT500 – Introduction to Public and Pastoral Leadership (PPL I) (3)
• PT651 – Pastoral Identity (3)
• TH500 – Constructive Theology 1 (3)

Advanced Core:

• BIBL500 –Language Tools and Exegesis (3)
• ETH500 – Christian Ethics (3)
• ED500 – Education and Pastoral Ministry (3)
• PT651 – Public and Pastoral Leadership: Studio I (3)
• PT652 – Public and Pastoral Leadership: Studio II (3)
• PT610 – Public and Pastoral Leadership: Integration and Formation (3)
• Pastoral Theology Elective (3)
• Plus: 3 units Theological Field Education Field Placement

Elective Areas:
Certain denominations will have their own requirements which students will take to fulfill the general requirements as outlined below.

• 9 credits in the Practice of Public and Pastoral Leadership: (Pastoral Theology; Education; Liturgy; Homiletics; Denominational Studies)
• 6 credits in Bible (3 credits in each Testament)
• 6 credits in History
• 6 credits in Theology
• 3 credits in Religious Pluralism
• 6 credits in Spirituality
• 6 additional elective hours

Please visit the Denominational Requirements page for more detailed information.

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