Master of Theology (Th.M.)

Overview of Program

The Master of Theology degree is a post-graduate degree designed to provide the student with: 1) an advanced understanding of one area or discipline within the general context of theological study, and 2) the development of research methods and resources appropriate to the area or discipline chosen. The program may serve to prepare a student for further graduate study at the doctoral level, preparation for some forms of teaching, the scholarly enhancement of ministerial practice, or disciplined focus in an area of theological study for personal interest. Two streams of study are available: One option requires the writing of a scholarly thesis; this is the option generally recommended for those preparing for doctoral work. The other option, the General Research Option, requires additional course work and a significant project. The program requires specialization in the area of study in which the thesis is written but allows for diversity in the selection of courses. It is offered in any field in which a student’s interests and the School’s resources coincide.

Length of Program and Course Requirements

The Th.M. degree is a 27–credit hour programme. The normal course of study involves the following:

• Courses in the area or discipline of study (15 credit hours)
• Courses in theological fields outside the area of study (6)
• Either: Th.M. thesis preparation and writing OR one additional course and preparation of a project; and an oral examination on the thesis or project (6)

All work for any course undertaken as a part of the Th.M. program must be completed within one month of the end of the term in which the student registered for the course.

In addition to the language(s) required for admission, each candidate must demonstrate a sufficient mastery of any other ancient or modern language required for the thesis topic before the thesis is undertaken. Note: Additional credit hours may be required for language requirements in certain disciplines depending on the student’s background and interests.
It is recommended that a student studying full-time take no more than 9 credit hours per term. All work for the Master of Theology degree must be completed within five calendar years from date of admission.

General Areas of Study

Currently, studies for the ThM may be undertaken in:


The following in required for admission to the Master of Theology programme:

• A Masters level degree in theological study (MDiv, MATS, etc)
• Normally, reading knowledge of at least one modern language appropriate to the proposed field of study in addition to English
• Competency in biblical language or languages (for biblical work)

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ThM Thesis or Project

If the thesis option for the ThM program is chosen by the student, this requires that the student successfully complete a thesis demonstrating scholarly competence, including the formulation of a research topic or question relevant to the field of study, critical understanding of primary and secondary sources in the field, demonstration of appropriate research methods, and the ability to make a sustained and critical scholarly contribution to the field. The ThM thesis should be 22,500 – 30,000 words (90 – 120 pages). The ThM project option will likewise show scholarly competence in a more delimited area of study in a paper of 11250 – 12500 words (45 – 50 pages). The project may include alternate media (performance, video, etc) in addition to a paper of 7500 –8750 words (30 – 35 pages).

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