Spiritual Resources & Places of Rest

Vancouver School of Theology cares deeply for the spiritual lives of all its students, faculty and staff. To this end the School provides opportunities for collective worship and prayer, spaces and places for spiritual nourishment, some resources in spiritual direction and, in some cases, pastoral counseling. Students may speak to any of the faculty or specifically to the Directors of Denominational Formation for assistance in gaining access to the spiritual resources they may need.

Chapel of the Epiphany and Community Worship
The Chapel of the Epiphany is at the heart of community worship at VST. This beautiful stone chapel offers a place of worship and reflection for the VST community and beyond. All at VST are invited to gather on Wednesdays at 12:00pm for a one-hour Community Worship in the Chapel of the Epiphany. Community Worship reflects the ecumenical nature of the School, meaning that the strengths and variety of liturgical, theological and hymnal traditions are represented at different times throughout the year.

Denominational Worship
Anglican/Lutheran, Presbyterian, and the United Church communities have times of worship throughout the week which reflect their particular traditions and liturgies, providing students with an opportunity to become more familiar with their own broad worshipping customs. All members of the VST community are invited to participate.

Spiritual Direction
Spiritual direction is a long standing practice within the Christian tradition which seeks to support individuals in the exploration of their relationship with the divine and the world in which they live.
VST has a Spiritual Director in residence to provide this service at very low cost to the VST community.

Chancellor Room
Located on the second floor (room 227) of Iona Building, this room has been designated a meditation space for use by the VST community. Feel free to use the space, find solitude, and be rejuvenated.

Maltese Labyrinth
The labyrinth is located in the garden behind the Iona Building. Allow your steps to bring you into this meditative practice from the 12th century. More information can be found in the pamphlets located near the labyrinth.

Note: VST is not responsible for injury to anyone using the labyrinth.  There are no washrooms available if VST is closed. Children are welcome to experience the labyrinth. The area is illuminated at night by an automatic timer and light sensor. We ask that you respect VST and our neighbours at all times.

If you photograph the labyrinth and use it for any print purpose, please cite the labyrinth as “A modified Maltese Labyrinth of Vancouver School of Theology, on the UBC Campus“.

Rest and Relaxation Room
This small room on the fourth floor offers that perfect location rest. A small couch, alarm clock, pillows, and a blanket are provided. A key can be borrowed from the Library Circulation Desk.

UBC Chaplains
At UBC, the chaplains develop many programs on social and ethical issues. They are available to participate in formal occasions at the university, such as memorial services and other special services of worship. In keeping with the various faith traditions, religious services and counseling are provided on a regular basis. Chaplains also meet with students in informal settings to provide support and fellowship.
To contact the UBC Chaplains please visit chaplains.students.ubc.ca.

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