Conversations about Religion in the 21st Century: Dr. Elliot Wolfson

Presented by the Iona Pacific Inter-religious Centre: Dr. Elliot Wolfson, Abraham Lieberman Professor of Hebrew and Judaic Studies at the New York University, is this year’s VST Somerville Scholar. Dr. Wolfson will be presenting the following events:

Wednesday, Sept. 21st at 7 pm: Lecture: The Path Beyond the Path: Mysticism and the Spiritual Quest for Universal Singularity. Mysticism is often associated with experiences that are difficult to classify and analyze. This lecture focuses on one critical aspect of mystical union, termed by Dr. Wolfson as the univeral singularity. This refers to the universal erasure of boundaries, which nevertheless each ethnic-religious group executes as an expression of its identity. Dr. Wolfson will explore how the mystical quest for the underlying interconnectivity of all does not lead to the erasing of religious differences but rather a heightened perception of the unity embodied in diversity. It is our differences that make us the same.

Location: VST Chapel of the Epiphany, Free public lecture.

Friday, Sept. 23rd from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm: Half Day Workshop – Undoing Time: Exploring Time in the Kabbalistic and Hasidic Interpretation of Dreams. The workshop will explore a number of kabbalistic and Hasidic texts that discuss the unique dimensions of time in dreams.When we are awake time is a linear progression shaped by past, present, and future. In dreams, however, time isn’t linear. The future can precede the past and the present occurs in the future. With the help of Carl Jung’s notion of synchronicity — the idea that apparently disconnected events reveal a meaningful underlying unity — we will explore the time of dreams. Drawing on Jewish texts the workshop will consider how our sense of durable time gains consistency by its relation to the non-linear and passing time of dreams.

Location: VST Chapel of the Epiphany

Course / Event: IPI101: Undoing Time
Cost: $85 (lunch included)
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